Enamelled Flatwire



  • Thermex® and/or VT-Therm®
    • Temperature indexes up to 240°C for electrical and magnet coils, transformers, motors, small industrial and wind turbine generators.
  • Thermibond®
    • Self-bonding wires that enable the motor or generator manufacturer to avoid using impregnation varnishes and thus to reduce manufacturing time cycles.


  • Copper
    • cross section range:  from 1.50mm² up to 100 mm², subject to thickness and width ratio.
  • Aluminium
    • cross section range: from 10mm² up to 100mm². The lower range is still going to be extended.



  • Different types of enamel with very good mechanical strength and bonding properties
  • Very consistent quality and dimensional tolerances per industry standard
  • Wide range of dimensions (very small to very large flatwire cross sections)


Technical Data Sheets:

33.C.F.0001 rev 231003SJ_CU_FLAT_Thermex_220

33.C.F.0002 rev 231003SJ_CU_FLAT_Thermex_220_G3

33.C.F.0003 rev 231003SJ_CU_FLAT_Thermibond_TS

33.C.F.0004 rev 231003SJ_CU_FLAT_Thermex_240

33.A.F.0001 rev 231003SJ_ALU_FLAT_Thermex_220

33.A.F.0002 rev 231003SJ_ALU_FLAT_Thermibond_TS

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