Motors and Generators

We produce Mica insulated or enamelled wires for the winding of the stator and bare or Mica insulated bars for the rotor.

Green Energy

Our product is used for wind generators and photovoltaic panels. We also offer the possibility of flattened bundles.


The most traditional sector of Vicente Torns. The organisation offers a extense know-how in the delivery of electrical conductors for its use in power transformers, distribution transformers (oil or dry type) and instrument transformers, besides other transformer types.


Development of different conductor types for its application in all kind of motors and alternators. Solutions for the development of the electrical car can be offered.

Rail Transport

We manufacture flat and round Aramid or Polyimid wrapped copper wires for traction transformers and traction motors.

Household Appliance

Our company developped a large range of products that are used for the windings of household appliances.

Power Tools

Vicente Torns manufactures conductors for different power tools appliances, such as welding machines or drills.


The end user of the reactors sector will find tailor made solutions within our product portfolio.


We have a wide range of products for the electrical application

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