VICENTE TORNS is a familiar group with international impact which is dedicated to investigation, development, manufacturing and commercialization of copper and aluminum products for different sectors. (Energy, automotive, construction, infrastructures,…).
The company was founded in 1924 and has its headquarters in Rubi (Barcelona, Spain). The group is present in different countries with production plants and distribution warehouses. The wide experience within the sector and the constant development of new technologies within its production processes enable the company to offer efficient solutions to its customer’s needs.


VICENTE TORNS S.A.U. began its industrial activities in transforming and commercialising semi elaborated copper products in 1924, presently enjoying a strong tradition and experience both on national and international level. This long tradition has in turn allowed the company to occupy a position of privilege and leadership on its market. Along the years the company has developed its own technology resulting in the production of high quality goods for its broad client base. Its constantly evolving human capital, committed to quality and service towards the customer, combined with a constant investment effort in high tech, certify the identity of the organization.

VICENTE TORNS is one of the most noted industries on national and international level transforming copper and aluminium for the electrical sector (industrial, automotive, construction).

Since 2003 the company has experienced an important growth, improving its infrastructures and production processes, answering efficiently to the new needs of its customers and potential markets.

An ambitious internationalization process which should be realised in different stages was designed within the development strategy that was carried out by VICENTE TORNS. The international presence of the VICENTE TORNS group would be possible through the establishment of new companies with and industrial and/or commercial focus. The group would be formed by industrial units in a first place, setting up additional production facilities, and secondly by a strengthened commercial presence, selling the groups product portfolio also through new distribution warehouses.

Under this strategy the distribution companies VICENTE TORNS DISTRIBUTION S.L. (Spain), VICENTE TORNS DISTRIBUTION FRANCE and at a later stage VICENTE TORNS DISTRIBUTION ITALY were created.

VICENTE TORNS SLOVAKIA A.S. was established in 2007 as the second industrial unit of the group with the target to cover the complete European territory and to reinforce the market position in the eastern countries. This production plant is focussed on totally new product lines, mainly based on the enamelling technology. At present the ideal location of this new unit offers big competition advantages, mainly in terms of logistics and flexibility.

Since end of March 2017 the former SOFILEC company, now under the new name TORNS SOFILEC, is also part of the group. SOFILEC (Société Fils et Câbles) was established in 1986. The company took over BUISIN in 2005, which back then already had a history of 58 years.  With the additional two production plants in France, VICENTE TORNS is increasing not only the capacity, but also the Know How, specially in regards to HF Litz and stranded wire, polyimide film wrapping, finished windings and connection parts.

In March 2021, DELLE FIL SAS, also located in France, is acquired. DELLE FIL is the result of more than 100 years of history, since ISOLA in Switzerland began to insulate with Mica at the beginning of the 20st century. With this new member of the group, the company is clearly pointed out as the leading company with the widest range of products and services in the field of electrical conductors in Europe, covering all market applications. This milestone represents a step forward in the consolidation strategy to be main partner for projects for green energy, adding new products to the portfolio, such as conductors with glass yarn. The presence in other sectors is also strengthened, including enameled aluminum flatwires or high-temperature enameled round wires into the range. DELLE FIL’s technology and wide experience in enameled copper flatwire, as well as in HF Litz and special cables (SST), will reinforce the group’s entry into the electrical car sector.

In April 2022, the VT Group acquired the company APAREL, Aparellaje electrotécnico s.a., dedicated to the manufacture of copper and aluminium parts, with its own galvanic installations that allow the internal integration of tin plating and silver plating of parts, both static and in drums.

With this, in addition to being able to deliver the VT Group’s traditional products to customers, we will be able to provide the service of finished parts to be assembled by our end customer.

The objective of the purchase of Aparel by the VT Group is part of VTSAU’s growth strategy, increasing production capacity and the range of products for the low voltage electrical sector, in manufacturers of electrical panels, inverters, car chargers, fuse bases and fuses, switches and cubicles.





The main goal of Vicente Torns is to provide customer satisfaction through quality and service. Only by pursuing those goals with determination we can continuously satisfy our customer needs and distinguish ourselves from our competitors.
Every product from Vicente Torns passes strict quality controls.
The company works with an integrated management system for quality, environment, health and safety. It is ISO certified by Bureau Veritas and has the UL certification for enameled wires.

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