vidrio glass


Yarn covered winding wires meet the most demanding requirements of the electrotechnical industry. Our fiber covered wires are lapped with glass or with a combination of mixed glass/polyester fibers.


  • Silix®: glass yarn covered and varnish impregnated 
  • Daglas: thermally fused yarn combination of glass and polyester fibers, available both unvarnished and varnished.
  • VTV: combination of mixed glass /polyester fibers and impregnated glass yarn.
  • VS: yarn covered with outstanding thermal and mechanical properties, based on polyamide-imide or polyimide enamel for the conductor insula-
    tion and the covering impregnation.


Our yarn covered wires are ideal for applications where the wire insulation requires
improved mechanical properties, for example in:

  • rotor and stator windings
    • electrical motors (low- and high-voltage)
    • traction motors
    • wind turbine generators
  • conductor strands or Roebel bars
    • large power generators (hydro, turbo)



  • Wires with improved mechanical strength
  • High-performance yarns and impregnation varnishes
  • Wide range of insulation builds possible: standard, very thin or reinforced
  • Own means of production for a broad range of round and flat enamelled wires



Technical Data Sheets:

34.C.F.0001 rev 231003SJ_CU_FLAT_Daglas

34.C.F.0002 rev 231003SJ_CU_FLAT_Enamel_Daglas

34.C.F.0003 rev 240118_AEH_CU_FLAT_Silix

34.C.F.0004 rev 231003SJ_CU_FLAT_Enamel_Silix

34.C.F.0005 rev 231003SJ_CU_FLAT_TX 220_G1_1_ Daglas

34.C.F.0006 rev 231003SJ_CU_FLAT-VTV

34.C.F.0007 rev 231003SJ_CU_FLAT_Enamel_VTV

34.C.F.0008 rev 231003SJ_CU_FLAT_VS_220

34.C.F.0009 rev 231003SJ_CU_FLAT_VS_220_VF

34.C.F.0010 rev 231003SJ_CU_FLAT_VS_220 Renf_

34.C.F.0011 rev 231003SJ_CU_FLAT_VS_240

34.C.F.0012 rev 231003SJ_CU_FLAT_VS_240 VF

34.C.F.0013 rev 231003SJ_CU_FLAT_VS_240 RENF

34.C.F.0014 rev 231003SJ_CU_FLAT_VS_240 ER

34.C.F.0015 rev 231003SJ__CU_FLAT_ 2FO_100_GL_300

34.C.R.0001 rev 231003SJ_CU_ROUND_Daglas

34.C.R.0002 rev 231003SJ_CU_ROUND_Enamel_Daglas

34.C.R.0003 rev 231003SJ_CU_ROUND_Silix

34.C.R.0004 rev 231003SJ_CU_ROUND_Enamel_Silix

34.C.R.0005 rev 231003SJ_CU_ROUND_VS_240 EF

34.C.R.0006 rev 231003SJ_CU_ROUND_ FO_150_GL_300

34.NC.R.0001 rev 231003SJ_CUNi_ROUND_ Nickel_ 2_Silix_ VSI

34.A.F.0001 rev 231003SJ_ALU_FLAT_Enamel_Daglas

34.A.F.0002 rev 231003SJ_ALU_FLAT_Enamel_Silix





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