VT GROUP: 10M€ investment in DELLE for E-Mobility!

Following the strong growth of the electric vehicle market, the group is investing massively in the Delle plant, future flagship of VICENTE TORNS GROUP in productions for e-mobility.

The investment program extends until 2025 through an allocation of 10 million € for the acquisition and start-up of several production machines.

This investment phase will be accompanied by real estate developments on this 60,000m² site, including 19,500m² of buildings.

The first prototypes are already in production and 11 new machines will be installed between 2023 and 2025.


In terms of energy savings, DELLE FIL SAS has already invested in 2021 in the recovery of heat from the cooling system of its lubricants to heat the workshops. This project was carried out as part of the energy saving certification scheme (C2E); in 2022 the company continues to reflect on the issue with the aim of installing new solar panels.

The group has decided to make a firm commitment to the future of electric mobility by expanding its production capacity, without neglecting sustainability, a key element for the coming years in the sector, which requires not only high technology but also productions with low environmental impact.

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